Aliso Canyon: State leaders address public concerns on gas leak

On Friday, Jan. 15, leaders from multiple state agencies participated in a panel discussion and public comment period to discuss the latest information on the Aliso Canyon gas leak in the Los Angeles area. Since the gas leak’s initial detection in late October, thousands of people have left their homes and on Jan. 6 Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. declared a State of Emergency.

Cal OES hosted the entire meeting on online through a live webcast, you can see the archived footage here. An audio link of the meeting is also available here for download.

Images from Friday’s meeting are also available on Cal OES’s Flickr page, here.

Speakers included:

  • Mark Ghilarducci, Director, Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.
  • Michael Picker, President, California Public Utilities Commission
  • Elizaveta Malashenko, Director, California Public Utilities Commission Safety and Enforcement Division
  • John Laird, Secretary, California Natural Resources Agency
  • Matt Rodriquez, Secretary, California Environmental Protection Agency
  • Wade Crowfoot, Deputy Cabinet Secretary, Governor’s Office
  • Richard Corey, Executive Officer, California Air Resources Board
  • Drew Bohan, Chief Deputy Director, California Energy Commission
  • Jason Marshall, Chief Deputy Director, California Department of Conservation
  • Lauren Zeise, Acting Director, Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment.

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