Cal OES Seeks Request for Proposal for $525,000 for Children Exposed to Domestic Violence

The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES), Victim Services and Public Safety Branch, is pleased to announce the release of the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Children Exposed to Domestic Violence (EV) Program. The purpose of the EV Program is to fund agencies to build a multi-disciplinary team for the purpose of responding to the needs of children exposed to domestic violence. This team will include elements from each of the agencies involved in providing services to children exposed to domestic violence and will be tasked with ensuring response, developing protocols, and fostering collaborative dialogue.

Law enforcement officers responding to a domestic violence incident are often the first point of contact for many domestic violence victims and their children. The law enforcement officers intervene in the violent confrontation and can provide immediate safety for the victims. The officers can connect the adult victim and children with necessary and valuable resources to maintain safety and establish a healthy environment. Unfortunately, not all law enforcement officers are trained to document the presence of children at the scene of a domestic violence incident. Children can be severely traumatized by an incident of, and/or, ongoing domestic violence in the home. By documenting the presence of children at the scene of a domestic violence incident, law enforcement officers not only make record of the harmful exposure, they also enable the children to be reimbursed for treatment services through the Victims’ Compensation and Government Claims Board. Mental health clinicians, social workers, and child protection workers have the specialized training and skills needed to effectively respond to the complexities these children face. Once a child is identified, the child needs an immediate response in addition to ongoing services. Therefore, in order to identify and reduce the trauma children exposed to domestic violence experience, there must be effective and collaborative partnerships between law enforcement, child protective services, child advocacy agencies, and community-based domestic violence agencies. Law enforcement and child protective services workers must be trained to understand each other’s roles, responsibilities, and limitations.

Approximately $525,000 is available for the EV Program through Children’s Justice Act funds. The 12-month performance period begins March 1, 2018, and ends February 28, 2019. Proposals are due by Monday, February 12, 2018. 

Cal OES anticipates selecting up to three proposals for funding that will receive an annual allocation of up to $175,000 for each year of the three-year funding cycle, beginning March 1, 2018, and ending February 28, 2021. Each performance period will be twelve months. The first performance period begins March 1, 2018, and ends February 28, 2019. Subrecipients will submit a non-competitive reapplication for continuation of funding for the second and third years of funding.

Questions concerning this RFP, the proposal process, or programmatic issues must be submitted in writing by e-mail to: Dennis Hall, Program Specialist Children’s Unit

 The RFP can be found on the Cal OES website at

Bryan May

Bryan May is a Public Information Officer for the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services. Prior to joining Cal OES in 2017, Bryan spent 30 years as an Emmy award winning television anchor and reporter.

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