Cal OES Signs New MOU with Bank of the West to Help Streamline Resources

imagesGYRF4F75Did you know that since as early as 2005, Cal OES has been actively pursuing key partnerships with the private industry via memorandum of understanding (MOU)? Private businesses play a vital role in protecting their employee’s and community and by also working with government to facilitate and provide emergency response and recovery from all types of disasters. That is why Cal OES is proud to partner with Bank of the West through this MOU agreement.

These MOUs will allow for more targeted and efficient delivery of goods and services by formalizing 24-hour contacts with the private sector. Just like the state has 24-hour access to governmental partners, it now has well-established personal relationships with emergency management professionals in the private sector that can be called on. These partners also have a coordinated role in the State Operations Center’s Business and Utility Operations Center (BUOC) during an emergency response and recovery efforts.  Having the private sector side-by-side with state, local, and federal emergency management personnel will expedite response activities and maximize resources. 

So how do these MOUs benefit Californians? By restoring power – the California Utilities Emergency Association (CUEA) coordinates the repair of power, water and other utilities via its affiliate businesses, which is critical during an emergency. Additionally, it provides quick access to supplies and mobilization of banking needs by supplying ATM/Banking Centers to a community affected by a disaster.

To date, Cal OES has formalized partnerships with 20 organizations including the newest addition of Bank of the West.  These partners include:

  • S.F. Helicopters, LLC (June 2005)
  • California Resiliency Alliance (formerly known as BENS) (June 2008)
  • California Grocers Association (June 2008)
  • California Utilities Emergency Association (renewed March 2010, original March 2008)
  • Wal-Mart (June 2008)
  • Home Depot (October 2008)
  • Lowe’s (March 2009)
  • Target (September 2009)
  • Direct Relief (July 2010)
  • Bank of America (November 2010)
  • Time Warner Cable, Inc. (March 2011)
  • Grainger, Inc. (October 2011)
  • Gap Inc. (December 2011)
  • Wells Fargo (January 2012)
  • United Parcel Service (August 2012)
  • Sears Holdings Management Corporation (August 2012)
  • The American Red Cross (April 2013)
  • Aga Khan Development Network (December 2013)
  • Visit California (May 2014)
  • Bank of the West (December 2014)

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