Coordinating For Worst-Case Scenarios

San Diego County Office of Emergency Services played host to today’s California BioWatch Advisory Committee. The BioWatch Program provides early detection of a bioterrorism event and helps communities prepare a coordinated response.

BioWatch is managed by the Office of Health Affairs in the Department of Homeland Security and operated by a network of scientists, laboratory technicians, emergency managers, and public health officials.

BioWatch also helps California jurisdictions develop response plans to prepare for worst-case scenarios. Local, state, and federal BioWatch stakeholders hold exercises to test, evaluate, and continually improve coordination, communication, and decision making in the event of a biological attack.

The California BioWatch Advisory Committee is a group of stakeholders and external partners, who meet regularly to discuss and review operations and response plans.

To learn more about the BioWatch Program visit:


Robb Mayberry

Robb Mayberry is a Public Information Officer for the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. He has assisted in the response and recovery efforts with some of California’s worst disasters, including the San Refugio Oil Spill, the Valley and Butte Wildfires, Aliso Canyon Gas Leak, Erskine Fire, and the Winters Storms of 2017. Prior to public service, he spent 25 years managing the public and media relations for some of Northern California’s largest healthcare organizations.

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