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Dangerous Fire Weather Conditions Continue, Emergency Operations Centers Activated

As Northern and Southern California counties continue to see critical fire weather conditions accompanied by power shutoffs from utility companies, the State Operations Center is currently activated.

In addition to the State Operations Center, the Inland, Coastal and Southern Region Emergency Operations Centers are also activated. The centers are activated to support affected operational areas to coordinate resources and information as a result of Red Flag Warnings and extreme fire weather conditions in effect.

On Sunday, utility companies began notifying thousands of customers of the potential and implementation of having power temporarily turned off throughout the heightened fire conditions. These proactive power shutoffs by the utility companies are known as Public Safety Power Shutoffs.

Multiple areas and thousands of residents remain without power until assessments to turn power back on have been made by utility companies. Customers in Southern California were also notified of and subject to similar outages by utility service providers.

It is important for the public to remember that California is a disaster-prone state and an emergency can happen at any time. Cal OES urges families and households to take steps today to be prepared for short-term emergencies and also for those that may be longer in duration.

Cal OES continues to be in close coordination and communication with affected operational areas to provide resources and support and monitor weather conditions.

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Monica Vargas

Monica is a Public Information Officer for the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES). She has been involved in the Aliso Canyon Gas Leak, Valley Fire, Butte Fire, historic drought, Oroville Dam Emergency Spillway Incident and 2017 winter storms. She previously served Cal OES as an analyst in international affairs, technology operations and executive staff support.

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