Preventing Violent Extremism Program to Assist Communities in Building, Enhancing Locally-Led Prevention & Intervention Initiatives

In response to the domestic and internationally-inspired violent extremism threats in California, on May 1, 2018, the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) will launch a statewide Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) Program. This new initiative will assist communities in building or enhancing locally-led prevention or intervention efforts. Each community in the state may face different violence concerns and challenges.

The State PVE Program will give communities a broad understanding of the steps and decision-making process involved in developing locally-led programs, and support these efforts with additional resources upon local request.

Violent extremism refers to violence committed in the name of ideology to further a political or social agenda. There is no one profile of a violent extremist and no single factor that drives an individual to violence. Therefore, it might be those who are closest to an individual, like their family, who notice that someone may need help. Locally-led Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) programs can provide resources to individuals concerned that their loved one may be on a path to violence, and engage with subject matter experts to address the needs of an individual without fear of negative consequences.

What Does the Cal OES PVE Program Offer Communities?

Cal OES leads by example, so it established the PVE Program in March 2017 to leverage the agency’s expertise through an internal PVE Working Group. The Cal OES Working Group assessed what the State was already doing to support communities in their efforts to become more resilient against domestic and internationally- inspired violent extremism. The assessment resulted in a resource database of trainings, grants, social service programs, education initiatives, and PVE/CVE global networks. The Program has enhanced these five resource groups in order to meet gaps in community needs and services, which are available to communities upon request.

Among other activities, Cal OES will launch a new website equipped with a resources database and a Community Portal for users. The Portal is an interactive platform that facilitates information sharing of best practices, knowledge, program models, and challenges among practitioners and communities. This website also hosts a virtual training aimed at assisting interested local governments in building program frameworks to enhance local resiliency against all forms of violence, at no cost to participants. Additionally, Cal OES is soliciting applications to fund non-profit pilot projects that support the PVE objectives outlined in the State’s Homeland Security Strategy. This funding opportunity aims to strengthen partnerships between community organizations and local, regional, and state government.

To register for the Cal OES PVE website, please email

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