Know Where to “Go Pound Sand”

You want to be ready for whatever comes your way, right? Whether it’s curve ball over home plate, a quarterback sneak in a game of backyard football, or an icy patch of snow on your favorite mountain run. OK, putting all sports analogies aside, readiness is crucial to your ease of clearing whatever hurdle is in your track (sorry, I couldn’t resist one more.)  The same goes for home and office. Have an emergency plan for both and make sure everyone close to you understands the plan.

Despite going into our sixth year of drought, rain can still come, and if a lot of it falls in a short period of time flooding can happen quickly. It did in December a short two years ago (we were in a drought then too.) Glenn County suffered major flooding, and people in Sacramento County scrambled to fill sand bags to stop the localized flooding in their neighborhoods; many said they were going to barricade their garage to keep the water out. Take a look at the action from December 10, 2014:

Be ready before the storm – know where to get your sand bags by contacting your local county emergency services office to find the nearest location.

For more information about this event, and emergency preparedness, please visit

To get the latest active weather warning, watches and advisories visit:

Shawn Boyd

Shawn Boyd joined Cal OES as a public information officer in 2014 after a 20-year career in television news as a reporter, anchor and executive producer. He's a Cal State Sacramento alum and former US Navy yeoman and Air Force brat.

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