Lake County Receives Applicant Briefing by Cal OES for the 2014 December Storms

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Lake County Applicant’s Briefing – 2014 December Storms

Lake County – Today, Cal OES held a Governor’s Proclamation Applicants Briefing in Lakeport for local jurisdictions in Lake County to apply for CDAA funding. The briefing was to discuss the reimbursement process for damages incurred during the November 30th to December 31st 2014 Incident Period due to the California 2014 Storms.

Cal OES Recovery staff worked with locals on the application process and how to submit the appropriate documentation required for reimbursement.  “We are here to support the local governments with their application process,” said Sean Smith, Cal OES Disaster Assistance Programs Specialist. The Applicants Briefing is the first substantial meeting of the recovery process,” he added.

At the request of local government or on his own initiative, the Governor proclaims a State of Emergency (a “Gubernatorial Proclamation”) authorizing CDAA, which provides funding for Emergency and Permanent Work. The Director of Cal OES can also issue a Director’s Concurrence. This provides recovery for Permanent Work only. Both provide for 75%-25% cost share (state/local).

Cal OES staff provided attendees today, which included Cal OES representatives, local government and private non-profit’s with the tools and information to move forward in the CDAA application process.

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Cal OES Sean Smith, Disaster Assistance Programs Specialist Shares the Reimbursement Process with Lake County Applicants

“I believe these meetings are critical for us in getting the applications and paperwork in on time and appreciate the help provided by Cal OES,” said Brad Rasmussen, Chief of the Lakeport Police Department. Any costs outside of our normal budget would be beneficial to help recover,” added Rasmussen.

Under CDAA-2014-07, eligible applicants; (Cities, Counties, Special Districts, School Districts, Community College Districts and Certain Private Non-Profit Organizations) may receive reimbursement costs for the following:

Emergency Work:

Category A: Debris Removal
Emergency Work:

Category B: Emergency Protective Measures
Note – Both Categories A & B are eligible only under a Governor’s proclamation

Permanent Work:

Category C: Roads & Bridges
Category D: Water Control | Facilities
Category E: Buildings & Equipment
Category F: Utilities
Category G: Parks, Recreational & Other
Note – Categories C-G are eligible under both a Governor’s Proclamation and a Director’s Concurrences

Other Categories Covered Include:

Trees, Shrubs, and Vegetation
Eligible Costs
Force Account Labor
Force Account Equipment
Force Account Equipment Materials
Rental Equipment
CDAA Minimum Threshold:

Applicant must incur an aggregate state-share total of at least $2,500 for each declared disaster to be eligible for assistance.
Other Disaster Assistance Programs (Other Non-FEMA programs may offer assistance):

Hazard Mitigation:

Note – Must be cost effective and substantially reduce the risk of repetitive and/or future damage

So what are the next steps? Applications must be received by the Pubic Assistance Division at the address below no later than Monday, April 20, 2015. Additionally, Cal OES representatives will meet with Applicants and conduct a Kick-Off meeting , to discuss projects and complete project formulation for reimbursement.

Applications Must be Sent to the Following:

Ms. Stacy Mason-Vegna

Recovery Infrastructure Branch Chief

Public Assistance Branch

California Governors Office of Emergency Services

3650 Schriever Ave., Mather, CA 95655

Attention: CDAA-2014-07

For more information on this specific CDAA Disaster Incident, please contact Cal OES Representative Michael McIntosh, Interim Area Coordinator at (530) 347-6529 or e-mail at, Robert Larsen, Area Coordinator, (916) 845-8162 or via e-mail at or Peter Crase, Program Manager at (916) 845-8203 or e-mail at

Additional information can be found by visiting the Cal OES Disaster Recovery programs and don’t forget to follow us on twitter @Cal_OES.

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