May 6th is National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

Across the country, communities will come together on Saturday, May 6th for National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day to raise awareness and reduce wildfire risk. This event encourages everyone to plan or participate in an activity in their community that promotes reducing risk and raising awareness when it comes to wildfire.

Preparing for wildfire with your family and community is a great idea in a state like California that has had more than its fair share of wildfires. A resource and ideas page has been developed by the National Fire Protection Association for National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day – just click here.

The risk of wildfire in California is real and steps can be taken all year long to prepare. California is regularly reminded of the powerful destruction of wildfires. In recent history, California has been scorched by large devastating fires such as the Valley Fire in Lake County, Butte Fire in Calaveras County, Erskine Fire in Kern County and Soberanes Fire in Monterey County. Flames from these fires spread rapidly, evacuated thousands, took lives and destroyed hundreds homes in its path.

California has already started seeing fires pop up and now is the time to ask: what can I do to prepare for wildfire?

First, watch this video educational video about wildfires

Second, visit the MyHazards website to discover hazards, such as wildfire, where you live and work and ways to reduce your risk.

Third, make an plan emergency plan and get emegency kits ready.  Cal OES and have resources that can help you develop your plan and recommend what to put in emergency kits.

And fourth, keep raising your level of awareness and preparedness. Download mobile apps and stay tuned to organizations such as your local fire and law enforcement authorities, American Red Cross, CAL FIRE, FEMA, weather, and local television stations. Also, be sure to check your insurance policies to ensure you have adequate coverage.



  • National Community Wildfire Preparedness Day, click here.
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Monica Vargas

Monica is a Public Information Officer for the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES). She has been involved in the Aliso Canyon Gas Leak, Valley Fire, Butte Fire, historic drought, Oroville Dam Emergency Spillway Incident and 2017 winter storms. She previously served Cal OES as an analyst in international affairs, technology operations and executive staff support.

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