Meet California’s Baaaaa-dest Fire Prevention Strike Team

As a group of about 600 moved through the outskirts of a Yolo County neighborhood, several neighbors stopped to watch.  The group was there to work.  Their work is eating grass and weeds that could become fuel for fires this Summer.

“We’re at about 1,200 head of goats, total,” said Tim Arrowsmith, who owns Blue Tent Farms out of Red Bluff.

Arrowsmith brings his herds of goats wherever needed.  The goats can easily eat down vegetation and weeds in areas that would be hard for city and fire workers to get to.

“If you look at the terrain, you can see that it’s fairly steep and difficult to maneuver.   Bringing in staff with weed eaters would take a lot more time.  It’d be more costly,” said Bryan Jonson, Fire Marshal for the City of West Sacramento.

“This is very important for our city,”  Jonson continued.  “It’s either going to be the goats or another method to cut the weeds.  The fact that we can use the goats, it’s easier and there’s less cost involved.  It’s a win-win for us.”

Using goats to help in fire prevention is not new to the state of California.  Tim Arrowsmith likes to point out California has always been what he calls a grazing state.   Now days, his goats are as popular as they are effective.

“Oh, my gosh, people are doing FaceTime with the goats with people on the East Coast,” Arrowsmith said.  “I’m just dumbfounded at how much people like goats.  It’s amazing.”

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Bryan May

Bryan May is a Public Information Officer for the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services. Prior to joining Cal OES in 2017, Bryan spent 30 years as an Emmy award winning television anchor and reporter.

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