Novato Fire District in Marin County Receives New Replacement Engine from Cal OES

photo 2Today, representatives from the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) and the Novato Fire District participated in an engine transfer at Cal OES Headquarters.

“The OES engine program is a win-win situation,” said Cal OES Fire Branch Chief Kim Zagaris. “Stationing engines owned by Cal OES in local departments such as Novato Fire District benefits the local agencies by providing them with state-of-the art resources they can use to protect the lives and property in their communities and helps in the coordination of the statewide fire and rescue mutual aid system. Instead of having to deploy state resources from one centralized location, possibly hundreds of miles and hours away from a major fire or disaster, we’re able to deploy these engines from fire houses much closer to the emergency.” said Zagaris.

The Novato Fire District in Marin County provides a comprehensive range of services including fire suppression, emergency medical care, fire prevention activities, hazardous materials response, urban search and rescue, extensive public education programs and is a very active participant in the California Fire and Rescue Mutual Aid System.

These Type 1 all-risk fire engine like what Novato Fire District in Marin County received today is equipped to fight fires in buildings and other structures, light Urban Search and Rescue capability and EMS response, and wildland firefighting capabilities.  Type 1 engines carry 800 gallons of water and have the ability to pump 1250 gallons per minute of water.

Novato Fire Department receives new replacement engine from Cal OES
Novato Fire District, Marin County receives new replacement engine from Cal OES


Cal OES Fire/Rescue- Type 1 All-Risk Fire Engine

• 2013 HME Ahrens-Fox
• Model: SFO 4 Door Cab, Tilt Cab
• Cummins 370 Horse Power Green/Diesel Motor
• 1250 Gallon Per Minute Hale Main Pump
• 80 Gallon Per Minute Darley Diesel Auxiliary Pump
• 800 Gallon On Board Water Tank
• 20 Gallons of Class A Foam Tank

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