Preliminary Damage Assessments: An Important Step To Recover From A Disaster

Fire damaged home

After a major disaster, Cal OES’s goal is to help those affected recover from the destruction left behind. One of the important steps on the road to recovery is a Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA).

Cal OES in partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), U.S. Small Business Administration and local officials tour the areas damaged by a disaster such as a fire and conduct an Individual Assistance PDA to confirm damages to homes and businesses.

Cal OES, FEMA and local officials also confirm damage to public infrastructure and facilities by conducting a Public Assistance PDA.

Data collected from a PDA determines the next steps on the road to recovery and the level of federal assistance the state will request to help get those affected further on the road to recovery. PDAs are important and necessary in order to determine what, if any, federal disaster assistance those affected by the fire may be eligible for.

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