Preparing California for the Big One with Capstone 2015 Exercise

So what does it take to prepare you for a life-altering disaster? Got it? Now multiply that exponentially. Preparing the state of California is a very complicated process on a scale that’s hard to imagine. But that’s what we here at Cal OES do; that’s our bailiwick, our area of expertise, and our charge.

This story is designed to take you inside the operations and hopefully give you a new found appreciation for what the state does to prepare for disasters, especially the “big one” like the Southern California Catastrophic Plan earthquake scenario being exercised at Capstone 2015.

Capstone 2015 Story

You’ll also understand that there’s a lot of work that happens when California isn’t in disaster, and that the state has spent millions of dollars and hundreds of hours worth of planning for specific events like the earthquake plans in the Bay Area and Southern California.

The work never ends; California keeps on planning, preparing and practicing for the next big disaster.

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