Public Assistance added to Disaster Declaration in California


The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Public Assistance program has been added to the presidential disaster declaration for Calaveras and Lake Counties.

Eligible applicants under FEMA’s Public Assistance program include state and local governments, tribal governments and certain private nonprofits.  Applicants may be eligible for reimbursement for debris removal, emergency protective measures, repairs to roads and bridges, water control facilities, city-and county-owned buildings and equipment, utilities, parks and recreational facilities.

Under the program, FEMA obligates funds to California for 75 percent of eligible costs, with the state and local governments sharing the remaining 25 percent of costs. The state forwards the federal funds to the eligible local governments or organizations that incurred costs.

For information on the Public Assistance process go to:

Today’s announcement adds to a growing list of important actions already taken by the state and federal government to assist those impacted by these devastating wildfires.

On September 10 and September 13, FEMA provided Fire Management Assistance Grants to help pay for firefighting response costs for the Butte and Valley fires.

On Sept. 11 and Sept. 13, 2015, California Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. proclaimed States of Emergency in Calaveras and Lake Counties, due to impacts from the Butte and Valley fires, respectively.

On Sept. 22, 2015, President Barack Obama declared a major disaster making federal disaster aid available for both fires.

On Oct. 2, 2015, Gov. Brown also issued an Executive Order to accelerate the process of installing emergency housing in Lake and Calaveras Counties for fire victims.

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