Wildfire Recovery Continues in North Coast, New Assistance Available for Over-Excavated Parcels in Mendocino County

Tonight, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) and the County of Mendocino announced a new service available to those concerned about over-excavation on their parcels who survived the Redwood Valley wildfire in October 2017.

Cal OES is working in coordination with the Mendocino County Executive Office Fire Recovery Team to examine each site and determine if over excavation occurred. For properties that meet the criteria for over excavation, Cal OES will work to make replacement soil available for qualified parcels. This effort is in the continued effort to expedite the recovery process of each survivor and community.

“We’re going to be moving very quickly,” said Eric Lamoureux, Cal OES Deputy Director of Response and Recovery. “My expectation is that this is something that will take a matter of weeks.”

Lamoureux noted that the statewide recovery operations has also worked to address the needs of the many communities impacted by the loss of approximately 11,000 homes, businesses, structures and outbuildings from catastrophic fires of late 2017.

If you believe that your parcel may qualify for over excavation and you want your site assessed, the County Recovery Team is available to receive your concerns and coordinate the process for Cal OES to assess your property. Please call (707) 234-6076.

Full video to tonight’s town hall meeting from Redwood Valley, Calif.

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