Resources for Oroville Dam Emergency Spillway Incident

Feb 12, 2017 8:37 pm

On Feb. 12, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services activated the State Operations Center in Sacramento in support of the Oroville Dam emergency spillway incident. The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) and the incident command team managing Lake Oroville, counties and cities near Lake Oroville and the surrounding area issued evacuation orders for residents later that afternoon.

Below is a list of resources for the Oroville Dam emergency spillway incident. This page will be regularly updated with new resources.


Public Information Line

Oroville Spillway and Butte County Public Information Line: (530) 538-7826
Sutter County Information Lines: (530) 822-7215


Butte County Public Bus Lines 

Para-transit to assist disabled residents with evacuation: (530) 342-0221 or (800) 822-8145

Bus pick-up from Public Assembly Site (Church of Nazarene in Oroville): (530) 342-0221 or (800) 822-8145



Facebook – @CaliforniaOES

Twitter – @Cal_OES


California Department of Water Resources

Facebook – @CADWR

Twitter – @CA_DWR



Twitter – @CAL_FIRE

Facebook – @CALFIRE


California Department of Transportation

Facebook – @CaltransDistrict3

Twitter – @CaltransDist3


California Highway Patrol

Twitter – @CHP_HQ


California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Facebook – @CaliforniaDFW


American Red Cross

Twitter – @RedCross

Facebook – @redcross


Butte County

Twitter – @CountyofButte

Twitter – @ButteSheriff 


Yuba County

Facebook – @YubaCounty

Twitter – @YubaCounty


Sutter County

Facebook – @CountyofSutter

Twitter – @CountyofSutter


Nevada County

Twitter – @NCgov


City of Oroville

Facebook – @cityoforoville


City of Marysville

Twitter – @MarysvillePD


City of Yuba City

Facebook – @YubaCityCalifornia


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32 thoughts on “Resources for Oroville Dam Emergency Spillway Incident

  1. I wish the news and reports included guidance for those of us wanting to help. Having been involved in some good-hearted, but poorly thought-through, responses to fire emergencies in the past, I do not want to encourage actions that might end up being more hurt than good. But many of us are sitting with resources that could help ease the difficulty for those evacuated. If you have guidance, please share it. Thank you!!

    1. Rebecca: Suggest contacting the Red Cross as a possible volunteer. The Salvation Army is often another helpful source. Helping those that have been told to leave their homes can be very helpful.

    2. The evacuation center at Neighborhood Church in Chico is in need of supplies and donations, 500 plus people and no Red Cross support. Currently they need diapers of all sizes, including adult, wipes, batteries, toilet paper, donations to the operations of the church facility would be greatly appreciated. Please bring or send donations to Neighborhood Church, 2801 Notre Dame Blvd, Chico, and ask others to do the same. Thank you so much for helping all these displaced people in their time of crisis!!

    3. Hello Rebecca, one way is not just try out Red Cross, but check in with your local organizations. One orgnization that I volunteer for is the Western Farm Workers Association (WFWA). They got a spot at Cool Hand Lukes parking spot and was able to give the responders and anyone else a nice hot meal. One Police Officer said thanks was getting tired of eating crackers and water. That was supposed to be their meal till emergencey was cut off. So check in with your local organizations first before the Red Cross. No one thought of offering food to the responders, but a local organization did.

      Thank you, and here is the number for WFWA 530-790-0980.

      Connie P. – Benefit Coordinator

  2. Why don’t you post an ongoing updated Status of Emergency Shelters in the Vicinity (eg Beale AFB, etc) and an ongoing Flood Status (example – If the Oroville Dam or Spillway becomes significantly compromised, ETA for Flooding in Marysville Vicinity (approx 10-12 hours).

  3. Governer Brown . You are here by fired . The dwr knew about spillway damage in 2013 but did not fix it. The head of the DWR is fired as well. This is exactly why citizens of northern Calif want to split fro. Southern Calif .long live Liveoak and the state of Jefferson. Signed John crabtree …. A victim of the boondoggle and evacuation.

    1. Chico is being hit hard with evacuations. Please send supplies and donations to Neighborhood Church evacuation center, there is no Red Cross support here, and there are over 500 displaced persons needing help and support. Send monetary donations to 2801 Notre Dame Blv. Chico, CA. 95928 or bring supplies in person. Current urgent needs are diapers of all sizes (including Adult) wipes, paper supplies and toiletries, non perishable food items, eggs, towels, socks…Thank-you for caring and supporting these families in their time of need.

  4. As soon as the water went over emergency spillway Oroville should have been evacuated instead of Three Counties all at once

    1. I agree with Karen. No useful information. All communication by Twitter or Facebook. Dwr and ones ceded control of the message to the news media who don’t know the details and thus publish incorrect information. To evacuate over 100,000 people late in the day for a known emergency that is 5 days old and to have no coherent evacuation plan is disgraceful.

      1. It is our own personal responsibility to have are own Disaster Plans. Waiting for someone else to tell you when and what to do puts you in danger.

  5. Several of the federal agencies that we support have tasked my office with response to this Oroville Dam event. I am in need of a catastrophic inundation map or spatial file (shapefile). I have called all published phone numbers on the Cal OES website without success. Could you please provide me with a contact person that could help me with such a request.
    Thank you,
    John D. A. Hogan III
    Geographer, Geospatial Sciences Group Lead
    Cyber Analysis and Mission Assurance Branch, A-42
    Cyber Technologies & Software Systems Division, A-40
    Strategic & Computing Systems Department, A
    Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren
    18372 Frontage Road, Suite 318
    Dahlgren, VA 22448

    1. I am available and adjacent to the Dam now, we are licensed UAV Aerial Imaging Company, Erock Associates, llc. We are experienced and work regularly on State and Federal Water aprojects, including DWR, and we are available.

  6. Regarding the evacuation, from speaking with people evacuated, I believe this was an issue. But I do have an Idea that may be useful in the future.

    A set of drones equipped with flashing strobes, and loud speakers, could be used to help with evacuation notification. Flying over various populated areas, announcing the need to evacuate. Other drones with signs and flashing strobes could be used to fly to homes with known deaf persons, to try to alert the hearing impaired.

    Any improvements could be useful, it seems this “test”, was not good. I understand this was not a test, but looking back at it, it is now a test, and would get a D or C grade at best.

  7. For anyone requiring relocation assistance in the affected areas of the Oroville Evacuation order, Regency Corporate Living, a temporary housing provider, is equipped to offer services related to finding residents temporary accommodations. We can also operate as a hotel help desk in these instances and place residents in hotel accommodations. Additionally, for instances requiring longer terms of stay we can also help with finding you a suitable housing accommodations. Call us at 858.558.8839 x 118
    We have a crisis management team on standby ready to help with relocation services.
    -Epifanio Figueroa Senior Account Manager/Crisis Management Lead

  8. I would like to thank all the folks that responded to my request for data, especially those with Cal OES, Cal Fire, DWR and other concerned citizens. We were able to create a product that guided decision makers in our partner agencies.
    Thank you,
    John D. A. Hogan III
    Geographer, Geospatial Sciences Group Lead
    Cyber Analysis and Mission Assurance Branch, A-42
    Cyber Technologies & Software Systems Division, A-40
    Strategic & Computing Systems Department, A
    Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren
    18372 Frontage Road, Suite 318
    Dahlgren, VA 22448

  9. Looking across the water from the uk, if this causeway was obviously constructed with old technology’s in concrete, I’m wondering how strong the actual Dam wall is, the pressures on the Dam, if it was never built for this, then surely something should now be done, how does one know if a Dams wall is strong and not decaying


    Apparently the Naval Surface WARFARE Center Officer got maps. Where can the public see them?!


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