Summer Vacation Means Road Trip!

School will soon be out and Californians will hit the highways for that long awaited summer vacation. With the increasing temperatures and the increase of cars you can expect hot congested roads. Whether headed to the beach for some sun or to a favorite campground in the mountains,  taking time to prepare for your trip can save you from a ruined vacation.

Here are a few tips you can take to help make your trip less stressful and arrive at your destination without incident.

  • Have your vehicle inspected by a mechanic before making long-distance trips.
  • Plan your trip in advance. Whether you’re using a GPS system or a traditional map, review your travel route and be prepared for busy roads.
  • Let friends and family know your travel route and your anticipated arrival time.
  • Have emergency contact information easily accessible, such as roadside assistance, relatives, and hotel phone numbers.
  • Keep a cell phone and charger with you at all times.
  • Be sure to have an emergency kit in your car with water and food, prescription medicines, blankets, and items unique to your family. In the event of an emergency, help may not be immediately available. By having an emergency kit in a vehicle, a person can survive until help arrives.
  • Prepare an emergency roadside kit, including jumper cables, and a flashlight.  For a complete list, visit:
  • Never leave a child unattended in a vehicle, even with the window slightly open.  An outside temperature of 101 degrees can easily result in an interior temperature of 140 degrees.
  • Don’t text or talk on your cell phone while driving – even hands-free.
  • Check road conditions, including possible road closures.  Visit for real time highway conditions.
  • Before every trip the driver and ALL passengers should buckle up. If traveling with younger passengers, make sure the proper seats are installed.

For more safety tips check out the resources below. With a little preparation,  your summer vacation will be stress free and you can enjoy the California sunshine.

Buckle up and safe travels!

Additional Resources:

California Office of Traffic Safety

NHTSA-Summer Driving Tips Safety

California Highway Patrol – Hot Summer, Cool

Robb Mayberry

Robb Mayberry is a Public Information Officer for the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. He has assisted in the response and recovery efforts with some of California’s worst disasters, including the San Refugio Oil Spill, the Valley and Butte Wildfires, Aliso Canyon Gas Leak, Erskine Fire, and the Winters Storms of 2017. Prior to public service, he spent 25 years managing the public and media relations for some of Northern California’s largest healthcare organizations.

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