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When To Call 911 And When Not To Call 911

Aug 7, 2017 3:12 pm

California’s 9-1-1 system received more than twenty-eight million calls in 2016 — more than 78,000 calls per day — and 80% of these calls were from wireless devices.  9-1-1 research shows that up to 40% of the total 911 calls in California are either unintentional or not true emergencies.  Knowing when NOT to call 911 is just as important as knowing when and how to call 911.

First things first:  Know when to call 911.  An emergency is any situation that requires immediate assistance from the police, fire department or ambulance. Examples include:

• A fire

• A crime, especially if in progress

• A car crash, especially if someone is injured

• A medical emergency, especially symptoms that require immediate medical attention

If you’re not sure whether the situation is a true emergency, officials … continue reading »

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Teaching Kids About 9-1-1

Feb 6, 2017 3:28 pm

Would your child know what to do in an emergency? Does your child know how to call 9-1-1?

Teaching children how to use 9-1-1 is crucial and could save lives. Knowing what to teach your child about 9-1-1 is essential to ensure they use it properly and do not call 9-1-1 unnecessarily.

Here are some helpful tips for teaching the proper use of 9-1-1:

  • Never say “nine eleven.” There is no eleven on a telephone keypad or dial. Always say “nine-one-one.”
  • Always call from a safe place. If the house is on fire, make sure your child understands that they need to go to a pre-determined meeting place or to a neighbor’s house before calling 9-1-1.
  • Post your address near the phone or in a place everyone has access (ie. memo board, refrigerator, etc.).
  • Never call 9-1-1 as a prank or … continue reading »

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Improving the Life Saving Number – 9-1-1

Aug 13, 2013 10:31 am

improving 911

During an emergency, the 9-1-1 system—on the surface­—is designed to be as simple as possible. Dial three numbers and help is on the way, what could be simpler?

Behind the scenes, the infrastructure is not quite so easy to explain. Depending on where you live in the state, your local municipality may be on the other side of your emergency services call or it could be the California Highway Patrol.

Among the 58 counties in California, there are 459 Public Safety Answering Points or PSAPs. These points … continue reading »

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