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Knowing Before Feeling the Shake, Rattle and Roll of an Earthquake

Apr 11, 2017 4:38 pm
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This is Episode 27 and today’s is Earthquake Early Warning Deputy Director of Planning, Preparedness and Prevention, Tina Curry talks about Earthquake Early Warning. As the Deputy Director of Planning, Preparedness and Prevention, Tina Curry oversees the Cal OES Earthquake and Tsunami program.

The Cal OES Planning and Preparedness Branch develops and maintains state-level emergency plans and guidance that engage the whole community by using an all-hazards planning process that represents the actual stakeholders from the community, both local and state government leaders, nongovernmental organizations and the private sector.

This branch also includes the Earthquake Early Warning Division and Tina explains in this episode the benefits EEW will bring to the state. She also describes where we are in the process of having a functional system, how much it will cost, and how warnings will be delivered to the public.

Tina Curry and Shawn Boyd


Cal OES Planning & Preparedness

Cal OES Earthquake Early Warning Legislation

California Earthquake Early Warning System

Cal OES Earthquake Program

USGS: Latest Earthquakes

Earthquake Early Warning

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Flashback to Earthquake Preparedness Messaging by Two Entertainment Icons

Apr 4, 2017 9:39 am

Cal OES is always looking for ways to get our important messages out, to as many people. So that’s why in 2013 we teamed up with FEMA to enlist a couple of celebrities who have their own special way of communicating. Take a look at the video for both a cute and rockin’ ways we got our earthquake preparedness messages out in a campaign called Beat the Quake!

Cal OES Links






FEMA Links






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¿Qué Haría Usted Si Un Tsunami Llega a California?

Mar 30, 2017 4:44 pm

California es tierra de terremotos. Con los terremotos en California y en otras partes del mundo, se presenta riesgo de tsunami. Si un tsunami llega a la costa de California, que harías? Si las condiciones presentan riesgo de tsunami a la costa de California, manténgase a salvo y aléjese de las olas. Conocer como preparar para un tsunami y como reaccionar si uno llega es especialmente importante para los que viven o trabajan cerca de la costa. También es importante para las personas que visiten a la costa.


Video educativo: ¡Manténgase a salvo y aléjese de las olas!

Sabes cuales son los riesgos y peligros en la area en donde vives o trabajes? Visite al sitio de MyHazards para determinar cuales son sus riesgos.

Si aun no tienes un plan … continue reading »

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A Look Back at the 1964 Alaska Earthquake and Tsunami

Mar 9, 2017 4:47 pm

The most powerful earthquake in United States history was recorded 53 years ago this month. At 5:36 p.m. local time, a magnitude 9.2 earthquake occurred in the Prince William Sound region in Alaska on March 27, 1964.

In all, 139 people were believed to have died as a result of the earthquake. Fifteen died from the earthquake alone, while 106 died in Alaska, 13 died in California and five died in Oregon all related to tsunamis.

In addition to a tectonic tsunami, about 20 smaller and local tsunamis occurred. Smaller tsunamis were created by submarine and subaerial landslides, and tsunami waves were measured in over 20 countries including Peru, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Japan and Antarctica.

The earthquake rupture started approximately 15 miles beneath the surface, with its epicenter about 6 miles east of the mouth of … continue reading »

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Former Californian Talks Surviving New Zealand Earthquake

Dec 13, 2016 9:02 am

Former Californian, and former CBS Sacramento news anchor, Pallas Hupe’ Cotter now lives in New Zealand and ironically has lived through the largest earthquake of her life.

Just two minutes after midnight local time, on 14 November, 2016, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck New Zealand’s South Island 55 miles north east of Christchurch; the epicenter was reportedly at the coastal town of Kaikoura. The primary quake was followed by a 6.8 magnitude aftershock later that same day, just one of 313 aftershocks recorded within 13 hours by Geonet, New Zealand’s national earthquake service.  Two people died and damage is estimated at more than $2 billion. Kaikoura and its 2000 residents were worst affected; they’re cut off from roads due to landslides, and are also without power or phone service.

Pallas Cotter talked with Cal OES public information … continue reading »

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VIDEO: Vigilant Guard Earthquake Response Exercise

Nov 23, 2016 5:20 pm

The California National Guard and Nevada National Guard hosted a large scale earthquake response exercise that was supported by more than 1,200 members from local, state and federal agencies.

Related story: California-Nevada Vigilant Guard Exercise Tests Earthquake Response

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California-Nevada Vigilant Guard Exercise Tests Earthquake Response

Nov 17, 2016 9:23 pm

The high likelihood of a major earthquake occurring in California is no secret. With the San Andreas fault more than 150 years overdue, being ready to respond to an earthquake is a capability that must be practiced and tested to ensure our state is well-prepared for a catastrophic event.

This week the California National Guard and Nevada National Guard hosted the Vigilant Guard 2016 exercise. Vigilant Guard is a large scale earthquake response exercise with activities taking place in multiple locations in both states supported by more than 1,200 members from local, state and federal agencies.

The scenario for this exercise is set with an earthquake taking place in Las Vegas requiring the California National Guard to send resources to assist. Two days later, a major earthquake then strikes in California along the San Andreas … continue reading »

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