UPDATED (10/31): Cal OES Fire and Rescue Pre-Position Resources in Anticipation of Critical Fire Weather

NOTE: List of pre-positioned resources updated as of 10/31/19


With elevated fire conditions in the forecast for parts of California, Cal OES Fire and Rescue staff have coordinated with counties to pre-position fire apparatus and personnel to augment local resources in preparation for the upcoming significant weather events.

The following resources have been requested by the counties and approved by the California State Mutual Aid Pre-Incident Preparedness Guidelines.


Pre-Positioned Resources:

OES Region I

Santa Barbara County (XSB) CA-OES-190094 1 Helicopter at Santa Ynez 1 Dispatcher. Start time 10/23/19 1700.- 5 Engines

Ventura County (XVE) CA-OES-190095 1 Type I Crew, 1 Watertender stage in Oxnard. 2 Dispatcher. Start time 10/24/19 0800

Orange County (XOR) CA-OES-190096  10 LG Engines, 1 Dozer, 1 Watertender, 1 Helicopter and 1 Type I Crew Staged in Irvine. 1 Dispatcher. Start time 10/24/19 0800

Los Angeles (XLC) CA-OES-190097 1 LG Type III Engine, Staged in Glendale. 1 Type I Engine staged in Pasadena. 1 Dispatcher. Start time 10/24/19 0730.

Los Angeles (XLB) CA-OES-190092  15 Engines, 2 Watertenders, 4 Dispatchers Staged in Santa Clarita


OES Region II

Contra Costa County (XCC) CA-OES-190102. 1 Dozer, 1 Water Tender, 1 Chief officer, 2 Dispatchers, to be located in Central Contra Costa County. Start time 10/25/19 0800.

Marin County (XMR) CA-OES-190101. 1 Type III Strike Team (5 Type III Engines),

1 Water Tender, staged in Southern Novato, 1 AHIMT3 (9 members), 2 Dispatchers. Start time 10/26/19 0800.

Santa Cruz County (XCZ) CA-OES-190103. 1 Type III Strike Team (5 Type III Engines), 1 Water Tender, staged in Central Santa Cruz County. 2 Overhead. Start Time 10/26/19 0800


OES Region IV

Calaveras County (XCA) CA-OES-190083 1 Task Force (4 Type III Engines, 1 Water Tender), 1 Dispatcher. Staged in San Andreas. Start time 10/23/19 0800


OES Region VI

San Diego County (XSD) CA-OES-190087 1 LG Type III Strike Team (5 Type III Engines) Staged in Northern and Central San Diego County. 1 Helicopter, 1 Overhead Chief Officer. Start time 10/23/19 2200.

San Bernardino County (XBO) CA-OES-190088 2 Dozers, 1 Type 2-IA Crew. Staged at BDC Camp 6 Glen Helen.  1 Dispatcher. Start time 10/23/1800.

San Bernardino (XBO) CA-OES-190098 1 OES Type I Strike Team (5 Type I Engines), 1 OES Type III Strike Team (5 Type III Engines)


Jonathan Gudel

Jonathan Gudel is a Public Information Officer for the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES). Since joining Cal OES, he has assisted in the response and recovery efforts of the Aliso Canyon Gas Leak, the state's historic drought, the Oroville Dam Emergency Spillway Incident, unprecedented winter storms in 2017, the October (Sonoma County) and December (Santa Barbara County) 2017 wildfires, and statewide wildfire siege in 2018 . Previously, he worked in the newspaper industry for 12 years.

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